Briman Communications has a high performance mechanism: SMArt PR (Strategic, Measurable and Artistic PR) which creates and delivers powerful messages to the media and ultimately to the target audiences. One of the most dynamic and aggressive PR groups in Korea is on the run.
Briman Communications’ PR strategies are marked by their systemization and creativity. Strategies are designed to be not only simple to implement, but creative, in order to bring about maximum effectiveness. We've found the brightest ideas strike when we use the combined brain power of our PR professionals. We don’t sit and wait. ‘Be Strategic & Creative’ is a leading phrase for our media relations activities.
One of the defining terms for Briman Communications is ‘Super Publicity.’ As far as publicity is concerned, we are second-to-none. Our detailed strategies for media relations and progressive practices always result in extensive media coverage. Briman Communications knows how to deal with the media.
Briman is responsive to clients’ requirements. We work as though we are not just an extension, but an integral part of our client's operations. We care about what you have to say and respond with the best solution we are capable of identifying, as fast as we can.