History & Philosophy
History & Philosophy
Briman Communications was born in 1999
out of a passion to provide ‘perfect’ communication services
to help clients achieve business goals in Korea.
The founder of the company chose the name Briman to represent his humble belief that a communication firm should be both 'Bright' and 'Human'.
What started as a small, dedicated group of hard-working people has grown to become one of the most effective and respected PR agencies in Korea. The level of attention given to each client, the highest standards applied to every PR and marketing assignment, combined with a passion for excellence have remained hallmarks of Briman Communications.
Employee satisfaction is our first priority, because we believe that satisfied employees leads to delighted clients. This working principle has been proven by our long-term relationships with our clients, with many of our relationships spanning more than a decade.
Briman Communications may not be the biggest PR agency yet, but we are determined to continue the process of becoming one of the true greats by tirelessly building our service and capabilities.