Reason Why
Reason Why
Briman Communications works through our Strategic, Measurable and Artistic (SMArt PR) principles. Our SMArtPR approach has been highly commended by clients, as it delivers results they find highly satisfying.
  • Creativity Systematic and creative strategies are the hallmarks of Briman Communications. Strategies are designed to be not only simple to implement, but also creative, so that they can achieve maximum results. We have found that bright ideas always strike when we harness the brain power of our PR professionals. We don’t sit and wait. “Be strategic and creative” is our ethos, and we use it to drive our PR and marketing campaigns ever forward.
  • Super Publicity We know how to deal with the media. As far as publicity is concerned, we are second-to-none. Our deep media relations expertise and progressive practices deliver extensive and quality media coverage.
  • Dedicated Service Briman is sensitive and responsive to its clients’ needs. We work, not as if we were merely an extension, but as if we are an integral part of our clients' operations. We care about what you have to say and respond with the best solutions we can identify, as fast as we can find them. Our clients value this aspect of Briman communications the most.
Summary of Briman Communications’ Strengths
  • A PR agency with global perspectives and local solutions
  • Proven track record of performance
  • Deep experience with global clients
  • Strong high-tech PR experience
  • Extensive media relations and super publicity strategy
  • Consulting and execution capabilities (SMArt PR)
  • Extremely low rates of turnover (both employees and clients)
  • High-performance team work
  • Enthusiasm, determination, and accountability